Wireless Woes and I’m on the Road

Whoa? I just spent an hour on the phone with my father trying to troubleshoot the wireless access on his laptop, only to have Windows suddenly decide to resolve the issue by itself. I so love technology. I really do.

So, for those of you who own a Dell Inspiron 1545 model laptop, if you can’t get connected automatically to open-access wi-fi, try your F2 key first — it’s the one with the radio tower looking icon, which should be white in color, which means you don’t need to use the function key with it. If you own a Sony Vaio (VPCCW), like me, your wireless access switch is on the front edge and thankfully, it has lights on either side to tell you whether your wireless is on or off.

Last February during Cabin Fever, Teri and I met up and got to hang out with some really cool clay ladies. Since then, we’ve had opportunity to travel to the Richmond area to hang out for marathon clay fests. You know the kind where you stay up extremely late, eat very little (or really bad!) and do project after project in a room full of other polymer clay nuts. It’s a blast. We’ve had opportunity now to spend time with people in Stuart, in Glen Alen, and of course, in Floyd. We spend a lot of time in Floyd. With so many people busy for the summer, the official guild meetings have been postponed, canceled, and even filled in with impromptu “unofficial” and casual meetings.

Tomorrow our teeny little clay club of 3 gets to meet in Floyd for a while. And then this weekend I get to drive up and hang out with the Richmond poly-clay addicts again. My traveling buddy doesn’t get to go (boo); duty calls. But she and I look forward to new adventures when I get back, as we try out working her booth together for a few of the nearby shows. The first being this September at Olde Salem Days.


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