Miss Margaret,

Please forgive me —
that I cannot distill
the essence of my joy
in meeting you,
my reverence in knowing you,
and my anguish in losing you,
down to the single pinpoint of light
that was your brilliance —
a solitary point in the vast blanket of the universe
that illuminates my life.

I am a better person
for having known you
however fleeting a moment it was

And now, wherever your essence drifts
in the ebbing cosmic shifts,
I wish you beauty, and light,
and peace ever after.

Thank you for being my friend.



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Daz – Volumetric Lighting

So, after some 700 practice renders and a lot of experimenting, I finally took on a bit of feedback as a challenge and tried to put together a cohesive scene. I’m not unhappy with it. There’s some part of me, I think, that isn’t willing to invest a lot in composition at the moment, and I’m not sure this is a healthy attitude towards 3D rendering. I should be bolder, but there’s a part of me that’s like, “Nah. I’m saving the good stuff for when I finally know what the hell I’m doing.”

This piece went through a bunch of iterations before I finally took everything away except the three characters depicted. Then I got down to the brass tacks and started working on the volumetric lighting or “god rays” as they’re called. It isn’t much. I used cone shaped primitives and fussed with them until they were pointing the same direction as the shadows. It was a bit difficult because the only time I can see said shadows in Daz Studio is when it’s in Iray preview. Oof. And on my laptop with the slower video card, that’s a lot of guess work.

It’s a little difficult to pick subjects and composition when just starting out. It’s not a cheap hobby by any stretch of the imagination, and I feel until I get lighting figured out, anything dynamic I attempt is just going to fizzle.

I have enjoyed the learning process, though.

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