The Everwild

Everywhere I look any more, “Everwild” which has been both, my online moniker and my online home since the early 2000s, grows ever increasingly popular. It started as a forest in a story I wrote when I was a teenager, and when I discovered the Internet, I began using elements of that forest and its denizens to identify myself. I don’t know how to feel any more about all the ways it has been taken now and used. I mean, I get it. There are plenty of “Bobs” and “Sarahs” and probably a gazillion “Lisas” out there, but now it’s just… everywhere.

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Miss Margaret,

Please forgive me —
that I cannot distill
the essence of my joy
in meeting you,
my reverence in knowing you,
and my anguish in losing you,
down to the single pinpoint of light
that was your brilliance —
a solitary point in the vast blanket of the universe
that illuminates my life.

I am a better person
for having known you
however fleeting a moment it was

And now, wherever your essence drifts
in the ebbing cosmic shifts,
I wish you beauty, and light,
and peace ever after.

Thank you for being my friend.



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