Returning after a long winter’s sleep…

Sort of, anyhow. Apparently, I need to learn html all over again. Maybe? I won’t spend a lot of time blathering here, though. There are better places for that. I’m terrible about documenting the work of my art, or even the end pieces, but as blogging technology advances, it also feels like it regresses; or, maybe I regress.

I like simple, and clean, and easy to use. Google’s model seems to be: “we dumb it down until it stupefies you.” WordPress is more like the Candy Crush model. Want to advance or even win? Great! Pay us. Which, is fine. They have expenses, too. However, if you’re going to offer something for free, try not beating the user’s head into your wall of purchase options. Or worse, mummifying them with features they need, but can’t have, unless they pay.

So, right. Art. Let’s get to that soon, too.

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Teeny Harvest

Carrots from the carrot patch:

carrots in miniature

smallest harvest evah

And a rogue pumpkin:

miniature pumpkin from polymer clay

Pumpkins in the Carrot patch...

I had a blast in Richmond last weekend. A lot of creativity going through the house where I stayed. Good people, great feedback, no eggshells or tip toes. I attempted my first feather cane (images pending) and it wasn’t an epic fail. I followed the instructions in Donna Kato’s feather cane from her first book. I didn’t use the linked version, but it looks about the same.

I’m in a Millefiori caning class this weekend at the Jacksonville Center for the Arts. In the month to come, I’ll be working on taking better photos. There’s always something nifty just around the corner to do.

Hasta la vista!

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