Apologies to yesterday’s visitors

Due to the constant advancement of technology, it’s nearly impossible to find a simple, easy to maintain theme for WordPress. I went through dozens of free themes yesterday trying to find one that does everything I require without looking either too bland or way too busy. I’m old school enough that I believe web design should be clean and easy to read, but I don’t want boring. As I get busier away from the computer, too, I require something that’s easier to maintain, and most of the themes I’ve had aren’t. I have just enough programming knowledge that I find this irksome — knowing I *can* fix those things, but also knowing that I have neither the time nor the desire to invest the hours per day it takes to do that back end programming.

So for those of you who got to see one of the many hundreds of themes I tested yesterday for functionality, I hope it wasn’t one that threatened to make your eyes bleed. :/ I’m happy to report that I’m down to 2 of them now, and if I can’t get one of these to my satisfaction, it may be time to graduate to one of the fancier for-sale themes.

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